Lamp Shades

Give Your Lamp a Makeover!
Lighting by the Sea Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades & Repairs Are Our Specialty. Many of us have lamps that look so worn and old that we just hide them away in a back room or attic. The real culprit is the shade or a harp that is missing a simple fix. Lighting By The Sea has the largest collection of lamp shades on the seacoast and lighting  experts who can take that unsightly lamp and turn it into a conversation piece.

There’s an art to fitting the proper shade with the base. So when you finally decide to make that trip to rejuvenate your lamp, make sure that you bring your lamp for a proper fit. Shades come in all sizes, shapes and styles, but you don’t need to have any special training to get a shade that is pleasing to the eye. Whether it’s bell-shaped, drum-shaped, hard back, soft back, rectangle, square, oval, cylindrical or even an empire shape, the professionals at Lighting By The Sea pride themselves on making your lamp the talk of the town!

Bring your lamp base to Lighting By The Sea. We’ll give it a “Lamp Makeover” including a FREE SAFETY INSPECTION, harp and shade fitting.