Choosing the Perfect Lamp

It’s easy to give your lamps a new look: Pamper them with a new lamp shade! We carry the area’s largest selection of lamp shades in a variety of shapes and sizes. Select from a stunning variety of fabrics from silk to linen to parchment. When you come in, please bring in your lamp(s ) for a perfect fit! We will help you choose the perfect shade for the room and lamp style. We also offer a selection of elegant finials for your lamp: the finishing touch.

Reading lamps should be placed next to the chair or sofa most used for that task; these types of lamps provide a more focused, bright light to reduce eye fatigue. As we age, it becomes even more important to have appropriate light for tasks such as reading or hobby work to avoid eye strain. A lamp that is placed near an entertainment center or TV should offer more diffuse light – which can be accomplished with an opaque shade.

The dining room is another great place for table or floor lamps; they offer a softer ambiance than overhead lighting A buffet is a great place for one or two smaller lamps. Anchoring one end of the room with a floor lamp will give you more options for layering lighting in your dining room, and a three-way bulb will let you keep it soft for dining or brighten up the room for homework time.

For the bedroom, a lamp on your nightstand or on a headboard shelf will provide two functions: reading or ambient light for watching TV or dressing. If you like to read in bed, you will want the light to fall on the page, not on your face or in your partner’s eyes. You may also consider wall-mounted reading lamps if you like to read a lot.

Lamps are a great way to showcase your style – and easy to change simply by swapping out the shade. We are proud of our extensive lamp and lamp shade collections and look forward to helping you make the best choices for your home!